The Digital Bibliography of the history of the Netherlands

is an online bibliography about the history of the Netherlands from pre-Classical times to present day. It contains over 200,000 books, periodicals, articles and online publications on the history of the Netherlands, and is updated on a daily basis.
Per 30 juni 2021 zal de DBNG website ophouden te bestaan. De data blijft bewaard; wij informeren u te zijner tijd hoe u de data kunt benaderen.


DBNG is a joint initiative of the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands (Huygens ING) and Koninklijke Bibliotheek National Library of the Netherlands, both located in The Hague. The core of the corpus of works - the ongoing bibliography of Huygens ING (formerly known as Repertorium Geschiedenis Nederland) - has been expanded with a selection of bibliographical records from the KB and the university libraries from Amsterdam and Utrecht. Read more...

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Every title in the DBNG databank is part of a special digital collection. See which data files have been included and what information they have to offer.

History in 200,000 publications

The annual growth of the number of historical works on all aspects of the history of the Netherlands, both in print as well as online and both on a national as well as international level, is enormous. The DBNG staff aim to offer a complete and balanced overview of all works published every year. In order to keep track of the mainstream, various search strategies and selection conditions are applied. According to this procedure every year about 3000-3500 publications are made accessible, it is however possible that important works may be missed. You could help us by nominating works that in your opinion should be part of the DBNG. We will review these works on the basis of our selection criteria.

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When searching in the bibliography you have a number of useful tools at your disposal, e.g. lists of categories, historical persons and subject matters, a geographical map and a timeline. Read more...