titel Ten studies in Anglo-Dutch relations / ed. by Jan van Dorsten
auteur Jan Adrianus van Dorsten (1933-1985) (ISNI 0000 0001 0860 9126)
jaar van uitgave 1975
uitgever Leiden : Leiden University Press for the Sir Thomas Browne Institute
reeks Publications of the Sir Thomas Browne Institute, Leiden, General series, ISSN 0080-9799;
omvang X, 271 p
toelichting Inhoud: G. Kipling, John Shelton and Burgundian letters. Ch. Wilson, Thomas Sackville. An Elizabethan poet as citizen. A.E.C. Simoni, A present for a prince. P.R. Sellin, From res to pathos: the Leiden "Ordo Aristotelis" and the origin of seventeenth-century recovery of the pathetic in interpreting Aristotle's poetics. A.C. Carter, Marriage counseling in the early seventeenth century. England and the Netherlands compared. C.W. Schoneveld, Holland and the seventeenth-century translations of Sir Thomas Browne's "Religio medici". R.G. Collmer, The reception of Bunyan's work in the Netherlands. C.C. Barfoot, A patriot's boast: Arkenside and Goldsmith in Leiden. N.E. Osselton, Bilderdijk and Chaucer. L. Forster, De Schoolmeester and his son in Highgate; Publications of the Sir Thomas Browne Institute Leiden, general series, nr. 5
Ed. by J. van Dorsten
bron DBNG

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